The fees for digital mailbox renters are pro-rated.

Step-By-Step Guide

  • Renter's credit card is charged for a full month of service

  • On the first day of the upcoming month, our software will calculate the pro-rate fee for the previous month, add the fee for the current month and determine the total invoice for the renter


  • Renter signs up for services on 1/15/17 for a Bronze plan costing $9.99/mo
  • Renter's card is charged $9.99 on 1/15/17
  • On 2/1/17, Anytime Mailbox calculates the pro-rata fee for January and the fee in advance for February
  • January services: $9.99 / 31 days is $0.32 per day.
  • Pro-rated renter fee for January is 16 days x $0.32 per day which equals $5.12.
  • Renter fee in advance for February is $9.99
  • Total statement for 2/1/17 is $15.11
  • The renter has a credit balance of $9.99 due to their initial payment when they signed up
  • Total balance due on 2/1/17 is $5.12 (Total statement amount of $15.11 - credit balance of $9.99)
  • Renter invoice will be $9.99 on March 1

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