Email Announcements  are used to build relationships with prospects, leads and current customers letting them know you are offering a virtual mailbox. They can now view and manage their physical mail on any mobile device or computer.

  • Log in to your Dashboard, click the Admin Tab
  • Select Marketing on the left sub menu, and click on the Email Announcement tab.

You will have 2 options for Audience

  • Virtual Mailbox Renters
  • Includes all renters on this platform who have a mailbox assigned. You can edit and customize your Email Template.

Note: You can send emails to your customers only once every 24 hours, so please review the contents of your email before sending. 

  • Virtual Mailbox Leads

  • Enter the email addresses of your Physical Mailbox Renters who don’t have a virtual mailbox on the platform.
  • There is a template ready for you, offering virtual mailboxes and a Sign Up Link to your branded website. You can also edit and customize the email and send it to you first for review before sending it to your renters.

Note: Target your existing physical mailbox renters who don’t already have a virtual mailbox with an email blast.  Only use this for existing customers and emails you are allowed to send to.


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