Yes! I wanted to bring to your attention that since April 4th, 2018, we have updated our payment policy. Renters are now charged at sign-up, regardless of whether they have submitted a completed 1583 form. This means that all renters will be charged their monthly fee until they cancel their account through the renter portal.

Below are some important things to remember:

  • Will Operators Process Mail Without An Approved 1583 On File?

  • No. Mail Center Operators should not assign mail to Renters who do not have an approved 1583 on file.

  • How Do Operators Determine If A Renter Has An Approved 1583 On File?

  • Operators can access several areas on the platform that alert them to which Renters should not be assigned mail. If you see this icon on the desktop platform or “**” on the mobile platform, do not assign mail to the Renter.

  • What Do I Do With Mail I Receive For A Renter Who Has Not Submitted Their 1583?

  • USPS regulations ( Section 1.8.2 and 1.8.3 require that the recipient of any mail received must have a notarized 1583 form on file. If no document is on file, the USPS requires the mail item must be returned to the sender within 24 hours. Proceed at your discretion if you choose to upload mail to the renters.

  • If you choose to upload the mail to renters on the platform, the renter will receive a notification stating they have mail for the renter, but the renter will not be able to see it. As soon as the renter logs in to their account they will be prompted to submit their 1583. The renter will incur storage fees.

  • What If A Renter Questions Why Their Card Was Charged While They Are Not Able To View And Manage Their Mail?

  • Inform the Renter they agreed to the Service Plan on the website as well as the Terms and Conditions stated on the Anytime Mailbox website. A full refund should be given to the Renter for up to 30 days.

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