What are Vanity Domains?

Most Anytime Mailbox partners know that every ATMB account comes with a free anytimemailbox.com subdomain, including a branded landing page (i.e. greenofficesupply.anytimemailbox.com). Along with all the benefits of having a personalized site to promote your virtual mailbox services, partners are only charged $3 for each renter who signs up through this free domain.

In response to your valuable feedback, we understand that having "anytimemailbox.com" as part of your website domain may not be ideal for some partners who would like to enhance their own brand identity.

However, we'd like to let you know that you have the option to take this personalization to the next level!

Solution: Fully customizable Vanity Domains

We're pleased to let you know that we offer two options for vanity domains that can help further personalize your ATMB site:

Sub-domain: This allows you to create a new hostname for an existing domain that you already own, using any words or phrases you prefer. For example, you could use virtualmail.greenofficesupply.com or digitalmailbox.greenofficesupply.com.

Full Domain: You can simply buy and use a new domain, such as "www.shiptodayvirtualmail.com".

We want to inform you that to use a custom domain, we will need to procure an SSL certificate for it and may need to allocate an additional IP address. 

We also want to inform you that we charge an annual fee of $100 for each vanity domain.

Three easy steps to set up your Vanity Domain:

  • If you don’t already own the domain, purchase it from any domain registrar.

  • Contact ATMB support about the annual $100 fee.

  • Add a DNS entry for your new domain as follows:

    • Type: CNAME

    • Hostname: The hostname of your domain

    • Value: myrenters.anytimemailbox.com

Please keep in mind that your vanity domain will not be functional until we have completed the process of linking it with your renter portal. Rest assured, we will work diligently to ensure that this is done as quickly as possible.

After you submit the required details, your customized site will be ready within two to three business days! Utilizing a vanity domain is an excellent way to put your brand first in the eyes of your customers. 

We are currently working on a vanity domain info page, which will display your domain's expiration date, along with any outstanding payments.

If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through the following channels:

Call us - www.anytimemailbox.com/contact

Live Chat - www.anytimemailbox.com

Email: service@anytimemailbox.com