You can use your mobile device or a desktop computer to upload mail and assign it to the renter’s mailbox. 


How to Upload Mail From Your Mobile Device


Log in to your Mobile App and click on Mail Room. You will see two options to upload mail on your mobile device


Note: Before you start scanning mail, you want to make sure your mail is on a flat surface with a neutral background and ample lighting.


Upload only and Assign Later

  • Check Assign on Upload is turned Off and click Upload Mail and Take a Photos or Upload from Camera Roll

  • At this point, you can close the app. At a later time, you can go back and tap Pending Assignments

  • Select the mail item you want to assign, then enter the Renter's name or Mailbox #

  • To assign multiple mail items to a renter,  select the double checkmark icon on the top right corner.

  • Tap the Assign button. If you want to set Mail Metadata when using the Mobile App, you must assign each mail individually.

  • To setup Mail Metadata, tap the three dots in the upper-right corner and enter the Sender's Name, Dimensions, Weight, Mail Type, and Additional Details.

  • Select the check mark icon in the upper right corner and then click the Assign button.


Assign and upload 

We recommend this option for your convenience. This will automatically assign the mail to the renter’s mailbox and notify them

  • Check Assign on Upload is turned on and select a Mailbox

  • Click Upload Mail and Take a Photos or Upload from Camera Roll

  • Once you have a clear photo of the mail, click the Red Button and tap Done


Uploading Mail From your Desktop Computer


Bulk Mail Upload

This is an option to select the file or the piece of mail you want to upload.

  • Log in to your Dashboard, select Mailroom

  • Under Bulk Mail Upload, click Select Image File and select the piece of mail to assign

  • At the top-left corner of the screen, type Mailbox # or Renter’s Name

  • Set Metadata and type in the Sender’s Name and choose the Mail Type

  • Click Update and hit Assign button

Note: You can also simply upload all your images and assign them later. Select Upload Only, then Select Image Files and Start Upload. The uploaded mails will go to your Assignments tab from your Dashboard to be assigned to your renters.   


Grouped Mail Upload

This is an option to upload your files in a group. You can drag and drop your folder to the renters mailbox using your desktop computer.

  • Log in to your Dashboard, select Mailroom

  • Select Grouped Mail Upload and drag and drop the folder or files to your renter’s mailbox.


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