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Manage Pickup Requests

Managing local pick-up requests is a breeze with our dashboard. Under the Pickups tab, you'll find two boxes.

Any new requests from your customers will appear under 'Requested'. 

To ensure a smooth process, there's an automatic lead time of 1 business day in the system. This means that ideally, customers would make the request to pick up a mail item and you should expect them the next day. However, please know that this lead time is changeable within the settings of your dashboard at any time to suit your location's business operations. 

Once the lead time has lapsed, the request will move to the 'Ready' tab. 

Managing local pick-up requests is a hassle-free process. You'll only need to take action on a request if the customer comes to your location & collect their mail items. 

To mark the customers mail item as pick up, please follow these steps:

  • When the customer picks up their mail from your location, simply log into your Dashboard

  • Click on either the Requested or Ready tab, where you see the number notification

  • Select the line item to open the request

  • Once you've given the item to the customer, click on the blue button labeled 'Mark as Picked Up'.

Just a friendly reminder that you'll only need to take action on a pick-up request if the customer comes to collect their mail item from your location.

In the event that the customer doesn't come to collect their requested items, there's no need to take any action on the request. 

If a request hasn't been marked as collected from your location after 7 days, it will expire and be removed from your dashboard. 

The customer can then make another request as needed. 

We want to make sure that customers have a seamless and hassle-free experience when picking up their mail items from your location. 

To ensure this, it's important to mark the items as completed within your dashboard when a customer comes to pick them up. If you don't confirm in the system that the item has been picked up, the customer may incur additional unnecessary storage fees. 

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