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What Steps Should I Take if a Customer Requests Consolidated Shipment but Submitted Individual Requests?

Unfortunately, there is no way in our system to consolidate individual requests together. 

If the customer has requested individual forward requests, but would like them to be shipped together, you will need to reject the forwarding requests made & the customer will need to make the request again, but request all items be shipped together.

To reject the request, follow the steps below:

  • Log into your Dashboard 

  • Click on the number icon under Forwarding 

  • Click on the line item for the customer to open up the request 

  • Where you can view the mail item, click on the three dots 

  • From the drop down select Reject 

  • You will need to do this for each mail item requested by the customer, so that the items return into their mailbox for them to make a consolidated request.

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