Before you can assign a mailbox to a customer, you will need to set up your mailboxes. This step is often done just once at the beginning, but you can always go back and add additional mailboxes.

Step-By-Step Guide

  • Click on the Mailroom top menu

  • Click on the Mailboxes side menu

  • Click on the button

  • Enter the range of mailboxes to be created and click on Add

  • Click the box next to each mailbox you wish to reserve for online signups.

  • Click on ... option above the list of mailboxes.

  • Click on Reserve (these are the mailboxes visible on the Anytime Mailbox website)

The range parameters can be individual boxes separated by commas or a range such as 100-200. You can use alphanumeric mailboxes such as 101A or V300.

Click here to learn more about maintaining your mailboxes.

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