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Can You Provide a Detailed Breakdown of How ATMB Charges Us?

How Anytime Mailbox Charges You

Active Mailboxes Fee - (charged per mailbox depending on how the customer was sourced)

  • $5.50 per ATMB Sourced Active Mailbox

  • $3.00 per Operator Direct sourced Active Mailbox 

Monthly Software Subscription Fee 

  • $24.99 - 20-60 active mailboxes

  • $44.99 - 61 - 150 active mailboxes

  • $64.99 - 151 or more active mailboxes 

Why do we charge the Monthly Software Subscription fee? - So we can provide more of an exceptional level of marketing promotion, operations support, and software innovation that generates recurring revenue for you every month!

Management Fee - (billing & management fee)

  • This fee is 5% of the total collections taken from the customers during the month

Some key points to remember:

  • Your customers will receive an invoice with your branding

  • We handle the entire collection process

  • We will also handle delinquent customers & any disputes from your customers

  • We send you all collected funds minus our 5% management fee. 

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