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Manage Request Quotes Forwarding Requests

To clarify that there are two types of forwarding requests that customers can make. 

Ship Immediately

  • This means they want their item to be shipped right away

Request Quotes

  • This allows the customer to see what the potential costs would be before making a decision to ship the item

If a customer requests for you a shipping quote, you will see it on the line item when clicking on the number notification under Forwarding on your dashboard

When you see a customer has requested a quote for their forward request, please follow the below steps:

  • Click on a line item in the forwarding section & you'll be able to open the forwarding request and see more detailed information about that specific request & how the customer would like the item shipped

    • Forward To - The address where the item should be shipped to

    • Service - The type of shipment service they would like you to use

    • Fulfilment Type - This will display if the customer would like a quote or not

    • With Insurance - Y/N if the customer would like you to ship it with insurance

    • With Tracking - Y/N if the customer would like you to send this item with tracking

  • Then, simply drag and drop the mail item into the shipment bundle from left to right. 

    • This can be done by clicking and holding the three lines (hamburger stack) & drag & drop. 

    • Please make sure to do this for all the mail items that are requested

    • If you're unable to consolidate all items into one forwarded package or envelope, don't worry - you can add more shipment bundles as needed

  • The next step is to generate the shipping label and price within your location. You can use the resources available to you to accomplish this

    • Please do NOT print or fully complete the request as the renter just wants to know the price

  • Once you've generated the label and price (do NOT print or fully complete the request as the customer just wants to know the price), simply enter the information into the Carrier Service & Price section located on the bottom right of the forwarding request

  • Then once all the information, click the blue button in the bottom left of the request that says Submit for Approval

  • Once you click on Submit for approval, you will see a green popup will appear at the top of the screen stating that Shipments have been sent to the customer for approval. 

    • This means that the customer has been notified of the shipping cost & you need to wait for their approval of that price/quote before shipping the items

It is crucial to note that when you receive a pop-up indicating this, you should refrain from shipping the mail item as the payment for this shipping fee has NOT been collected as the customer only asked for a quote and NOT for you to ship the item yet.

Please continue to store the item safely and securely until you receive a notification in the 'Approve' section of your forwarding tab. 

You will receive this notification once the customer has approved the shipping cost, indicating that they are ready for you to collect payment and ship the item.

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