Sometimes, things happen that can affect the availability of your mail room for your renters. You may be moving your location, going out of commission for a short time, or simply closing your doors forever.

Whatever the reason, we know these decisions are never trivial — and we are here to ease at least some of your burden. Below are some important notes to remember:

The moment you find out of a possible closure, move, remodeling, or anything that can affect the availability of your location for your Anytime Mailbox customers, notify us immediately.

Let us know when and why you might be closing and how this change affects your ability to accept mail. Then, confirm your contact information, so we can get in touch with you throughout your closure process.

You don’t have to worry too much about your renters. We will help them find a new location, but we do ask that you please give your customers at least 30 days notice in order to make their transition as painless as possible. Honestly, the more advance notice you give, the better.

If you sell your entire renter base to another store location, no 1583 form is needed.

We can help you get through this tough time. Please start the conversation by sending us a quick note of your possible closure in writing at

Keep in mind that your customers aren’t simply picking a new location — they also need to fill out and notarize a new 1583 form for that location. Then, because the post office does not offer change of address services for virtual mailboxes, they must contact anyone using your address to give them their new location information.

If you still need assistance, you can reach us at the following channels;

Call us -

Live Chat -