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Manage Recycle and Shred Requests

Your customers may also request for you to either Recycle or Shred their mail item(s).

If you receive a Recycle request, it simply means that you can dispose of the mail item in your usual trash and/or recycling receptacle at your location - there are no special instructions or procedures required.

On the other hand, if you receive a Shred request, the customer is requesting that you take extra care to securely destroy the mail item(s), rather than just throwing them away.

To complete a Recycle or Shred request, simply follow these steps:

  • Log into your Dashboard using the desktop & click on the number notification in the Recycle or Shred box

  • Click on the line item for the customers request to open up the request 

  • Upon opening the request, you'll be able to see a large view of the front mail item

  • From there, you'll need to locate the item and either Recycle or Shred the item (depending on which request was submitted)

  • Once you've discarded the mail item according to the request, click on the blue button labeled 'Completed'.

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