There may be situations where you need to unassign a renters mailbox. The most common is account closure OR if the renter is changing the mailbox number.

Please note, that if a renter is changing their mailbox number, an updated notarized USPS 1583 form will need to be submitted by the renter.

To unassign a mailbox follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Dashboard, and click Customers.

  • Under Renters, select or search the renter's name.

  • Click the Mailboxes tab, and click the Gear Icon on the right side of the page.

  • Select  Unassign Mailbox in the drop down menu.

Please note that unassigning a mailbox does NOT automatically close the renter's account. If you wish to close the account fully, we kindly ask that you send us an email at Our team will be happy to assist you with the account closure process.

If you still need assistance, you can reach us at the following channels:

Call us -

Live Chat -