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Manage Open & Scan Requests

If you receive a Scan request on your dashboard, this request means that the customer would like for you to open up their mail item(s) and scan the contents & upload a copy of the contents via the platform so they can view them as a PDF in their virtual mailbox account.

When receiving this type of request, it's important to complete it within 24 hours of receiving it. This will help to ensure timely and efficient handling of requests, and will also help to provide the best possible service to your customers.

To complete an Open & Scan required for your customer, follow these steps:

  • Log into your Dashboard using the desktop & click on the number notification in the Scans box

  • Click on the line item for the customers request to open up the request 

  • Upon opening the request, you'll be able to see a large view of the front mail item, then you will need to get that mail item and open it 

  • You will then need to scan the contents of that particular mail item onto your laptop or desktop computer using your own scanner or tool within your mailbox location

  • Once the PDF file/contents of the mail are on your desktop, simply click on the [+] sign within the request to add or upload the pages

  • After you've successfully uploaded the scanned pages to the request, they should appear within it for your review. 

  • Then, to finalize the process, simply click on the blue Completed button. 

Please keep in mind that scanning is not a final action request

After you've scanned the mail item, please continue to store it securely at your location until the customer has made further arrangements.

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