At Anytime Mailbox, we understand that businesses have unique needs, which is why our platform offers the flexibility to add as many or as few service plans as you'd like. 

You can also fully customize each plan to fit your specific offerings. For more information on customizing plans, please refer to our other helpful articles.

To add Service Plans follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Dashboard, and click Customers.

  • Click Service Plans from the side menu.

  • Click + when viewing all service plans.

  • Enter the name of your new plan.

  • Select Visibility - Click here for more info on how Visibility works.

  • Enter the Package Price.

  • Complete Allowances - Click here for more info on Allowances.

  • Select Update to save the plan.

If you're unsure about which service plans to offer, we recommend starting with our suggested plans. These plans are a great starting point for new locations and can be fully customized at any time to fit your business needs.

If you still need assistance, you can reach us at the following channels:

Call us -

Live Chat -