Physical Mail Storage starts when you assign mail to a renter's mailbox. You have full control over the days of free physical mail storage, as well as storage fees when it exceeds the time period.

As with any changes to the pricing and plan structure, it is good practice to communicate with renters first prior to making any changes.

To set up Storage Fees follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Dashboard, click the Customers tab.

  • Select Service Plan. You will see all your service plans and set up storage fees individually.

  • Click on a plan and click on Storage Fees and tap on Add Storage Fee Rule.

Note: You will find that there are all kinds of data in the drop-down available for you to use. These items are used to optionally further define each mail item

  • Under storage fee select Mail Type.

  • Type in the days for Free Storage.

  • And input the Additional Cost (per month, per week, per day) if renter had exceeded their free storage plan.

  • Click on the Add button. And your storage fee is set up.

The Additional Cost field applies to each mail item per selected time interval (per month,  per week, per day) in excess of free storage.

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