Mail Metadata refers to the information that describes each mail item. This data is essential to help generate revenue as service plans may have different storage fees based on the type of mail. Therefore, it's crucial to accurately define each mail item's metadata to ensure the proper billing and storage fees are applied.

Customizing your Mail Metadata Types

  • Log in to your Dashboard, click the Admin Tab

  • Select Mail on the left side of your Dashboard and click on Mail Types

  • Click on the Add Button, a pop up box will appear to Add Mail Type

  • Type in your preferred Mail Type, the Minimum Volume and click Submit.

You can now easily assign mail based on your customized Mail Types under the Set Metadata tab. This feature allows you to accurately categorize your mail items, which can lead to generating more revenue as service plans can have different storage fees based on the mail type.

Setting up Storage Fees

  • Log in to your Dashboard, click the Customers Tab

  • Select Service Plan. You will see all your service plans and set up storage fees individually. 

  • Click on a plan and click on Storage Fees and tap on Add Storage Fee Rule

Just a heads up, you'll notice a range of data in the drop-down menu for you to use when assigning mail. These options are available to help you further define each mail item, but they're entirely optional.

  • Under storage fee select Mail Type

  • Type in the days for Free Storage

  • And input the Additional Cost (per month,  per week, per day) if the renter had exceeded their free storage plan

  • Click on the Add button. And your storage fee is set up

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