The Anytime Mailbox Mail Center App is a secure and convenient way to upload mail images for your customers. It simplifies the process of assigning and delivering mail items to your renters. We highly recommend using the app for a hassle-free experience.

Mail Center App Login Page

If you ever need help with other features or have questions, click on the question mark icon in the app. You'll find options like downloading the Anytime Mailbox Renter App, learning how to offer digital mail, and reviewing our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. 

You can also reset your password and clear your cache, which can help troubleshoot issues and improve app performance.

Home Tab

It features your Logo and Mail Center Address.

Mailroom Tab

  • Assign on Upload - When enabled, prompts you to assign uploaded mail images to the selected mailbox account right away. Otherwise, you will need to assign them later in the dashboard.

  • Upload Mail - this option allows you to start capturing mail item images.

Activity Tab

  • This is where you can view recently uploaded mail items.

  • If the mail item was uploaded successfully, you will see a green checkmark.

  • If the mail item was NOT uploaded successfully, you will see an error message - If you see this, the mail item was NOT uploaded and you will need to repeat the steps again to ensure the mail is uploaded and assigned.

Settings Tab

  • Enable Image Manipulation - if enabled this feature will give you the option to crop images after every capture and set Mail Metadata before upload.

  • Discard after Upload - after images had been successfully uploaded, they will be discarded in your device gallery.

  • Show In-App Notifications - this feature will notify you when actions had been completed inside the app.

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