You are able to configure the level of access a user has to your Dashboard by setting their Privileges. This is especially useful if you are trying to set up an account for one of your staff and don't want to give them full access to your Dashboard's advanced settings.

To set User Privileges follow these steps:

  • From your Dashboard, go to Admin

  • Click Users on the left sub menu, then click on Privileges

  • Uncheck/check the boxes as you like

Manage Account - If this is checked, it means the user is able to change your account settings like your store's address, phone number, email, Terms and Conditions, configure ACH billing and credit card payment, etc. They will still be able to view and edit renter's accounts, complete action requests from renters, and assign mail.

Manage Users - If this is checked, it means the user is able to modify other user's account (including yours). The user is able to delete other user's accounts, change email addresses, and reset passwords for every other user in your company.

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