Connecting a merchant provider is required before an Anytime Mailbox platform can be considered complete, as that tells the Anytime Mailbox platform where to send revenue generated from renters. Stripe is one of the easiest accounts to get started with; see the guide on how to do that here.

To add a Stripe account follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Stripe and select the Sign in icon

  • Create a new account if you do not already have one. Be sure to look for the confirmation email sent out once you activate your account.

  • Once Logged in, navigate straight to your home page

  • Make sure your account is not in test mode. Do this by viewing the slide button in the bottom left of your homepage and ensure it does not say Viewing Test Data

  • If your account is in test mode, follow the link in the pop-up window when hovering over the Viewing Test Data slide button. It is under this link that you will connect your bank account, tax ID, and business detail

  • Once your account is live, select API from the left menu

  • Copy and paste the Live Secret Key from your API page into your Anytime Mailbox account. Not sure where the Live Secret Key goes? View This Article.

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