The Anytime Mailbox platform generates an invoice for each renter every 1st of the month, and their card on file is automatically charged every 5th of the month. Below is a breakdown of the charges within each invoice:

Monthly Plan

When a new renter signs up and gets approved, their card is charged the monthly base fee. An invoice is generated the 1st of the following month for the following charges:

  • Days the service was used the prior month, pro-rated if the renter joined part way through a month.
  • Pre-payment for the current month. This only applies to renters we source for you, in their first month as a renter.
  • Any Action Request charges accrued from the prior month (e.g. Open and Scan, Forwarding).

Yearly Plan
Once a renter is approved, their card is charged the full year price for their chosen plan. An invoice is then generated every 1st of the month for the Action Request charges which they have accrued over the previous month, if they have any. Their card on file is then automatically charged on the 5th of every month for the invoice amount.

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