For applications completed through the Anytime Mailbox website:

  • After completing the online form, renters are prompted to submit the required documents: a notarized USPS form 1583 (for US locations) and 2 forms of valid ID.

  • To ensure the quality of our service, we'll conduct an initial screening to verify that the documents meet our minimum requirements. Once this is done, we'll make the application available for approval on your portal.

For applications completed through the Operator’s URL (your own website):

  • The renter will be notified that his/her mailbox account has been created. They will have to provide the notarized USPS form 1583 and 2 forms of ID (for US applications), or 2 IDs for international locations (with the exception of some sites in Europe).

  • Unlike Anytime Mailbox sign-ups, direct applications will already appear in the operator’s application Dashboard for approval.

If you still need assistance, you can reach us at the following channels:

Call us -

Live Chat -