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The Anytime Mailbox Customer App

The Anytime Mailbox Customer App allows customers to effortlessly access their mail and submit action requests from a mobile device or tablet. 

To get started, customers simply need to download the Anytime Mailbox Customer app, available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. 

With real-time notifications, they stay informed, ensuring they never miss a beat – instantly get notified when mail is uploaded or when an action has been completed.

Customers can now also complete the verification process using the mobile app.

Home Tab

The Home Tab, displays your mail center's brand logo, the customer's mailbox address, and three primary folders:

  • Inbox - this folder contains all new mail and mail that has been viewed but with no action requested. 

  • Action Required - this folder contains all mail items that require an action to be taken by the customer. You may see warning messages such as "Mail item is about to incur storage fees" (shown 5 days before the end of the number of free days), "Mail item is incurring storage fees" (if the mail item is beyond the number of free days), or "Follow-up action is required" (shown after an Open & Scan has been completed to remind the customer that another action must be selected or storage fees will apply)

  • Recently Completed - this folder contains mail items with completed action requests

Customers have the convenience of checking the status of their mail directly from the homepage of the Customer App.

Mail Tab

The Mail Tab, displays the three primary folders Inbox, Action Required and Completed. You will also see Pending and Trash Folder. 

  • Pending - this folder contains all mail items for which an action has been requested but has not yet been fulfilled by you. 

  • Trash - this folder contains mail images that the customer no longer wants.  Mail items will remain in the folder for 30 days before being permanently deleted.

Mail Tab Features

Label Mail Items or Take Action

  • To Label an Item: Customers can tap on Inbox, tap on the mail item, which takes them to a page where they can find 3 dots at the top right. They can then type in a label, such as 'insurance,' and tap on the blue checkmark at the top right to complete.

  • To Take Action: Customers can tap on the lightning icon and select an action, such as 'Open & Scan' or 'Forward.

Mail Item Search Functionality

  • Mail Item Search Functionality: Once a mail item is labeled, customers can now search for their mail items using the search field at the top of the screen.

  • Customers simply type in the text or ID# they've used when labeling a mail item.

Take Action on Multiple Items

  • Take action on multiple items by tapping the double-check icon in the top right corner, selecting the desired mail items, and then tapping the lightning icon at the bottom right to apply the chosen action to all selected items.

Billing Tab

The billing tab have 3 options: 

  • Usage - helps customers keep track of their account and plan usage.

  • Statement - customers can view their invoices, payments, and other billing

  • transactions

  • Payment - customers have the option to update their credit card information.

Settings Tab

The Settings tab has multiple options to manage the customers account.

  • Forwarding Addresses - customers can add multiple forwarding addresses to their account

  • Security -  for login options customers can select to keep them logged in or require a touch ID

  • User - update the email address on their account 

  • Close Account - customers have the option to request cancellation. This feature is only available for ATMB sourced customers

Help Tab

  • For virtual mailbox support, this tab features your contact information (email address and phone number) including our Knowledge Base.

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