The Anytime Mailbox App for Renters has been updated and will be deployed to Renters on Dec 10, 2019.  


All Operators are being provided a pre-launch preview of this Renter App Update to be able to answer any questions that may come up from your Virtual Mailbox Renter base.  


The Renter App Updates are designed to help Renters manage their postal mail more easily and effectively than before.


And like all our App updates this Renter App Update is Cross-platform, meaning the updates will be deployed on both the Anytime Mailbox Mobile App for Renters and the Renter Website. 

Here's what’s new on this update of the Anytime Mailbox Renter App.




The App dashboard is now streamlined with three folders:

  •  Inbox

  • Action Required

  • Recently Completed                                                                                           

Now Renters can view the status of their Postal Mail right from the homepage of the Renter App and Website.

Swipe Left to Label Mail Items or Take Action: When viewing mail items Renters can now swipe left to label a mail item for reference or take an action.


To Label an Item: Renters click on the pencil icon which takes them to a field where they label a mail item for reference, (type in insurance for example) and then click on the checkmark top right to complete.

To Take Action: Renters click on the lightning icon and select an action, like Open & Scan or Forward.

Mail Item Search Functionality: Once a mail item is labeled, Renters can now search for their mail items using the search field at the top of the screen.

Renters simply type in the text or ID# they've used when labeling a mail item, for example, "insurance", then type in that text or ID in the search field, and voila all mail items related to "insurance" show up.

Take Action on Multiple Items: Renters can now take an action, like Shred, on multiple mail items at once. 


A simple click on the double-check icon in the top right corner, then select the mail items for the specific action and click on the lightning icon at the bottom right to select and take that specific action on all of the selected mail items.

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