Before setting up Mail Pick Up, make sure to set your Business Hours and Calendar inside the Anytime Mailbox Operator Dashboard. 


We want to let the software know your operating hours. This is very important for the Mail Pick Up feature to let your renters know when they can come and pick up their mail.


Make sure to also set up the mail types and fees for your Mail Metadata which will link back into the mail pick up fees. Setting Up And Using Mail Metadata To Generate New Revenue


There are 3 ways to offer Mail Pick Up: During Business Hours, By Appointment, and Pending Preparation

  • Log in to your Dashboard, select Admin
  • Select  Mail on the left side and click on the Mail Pickup tab

The following options will show up in the page: 

  • During Business Hours
  • Select this option for your renter, if you have staff during your business hours or if you want renters to pick up their mail anytime during business hours after you set the Lead Time.
  • For example: If you select this option and you set the Lead Time at 2 business days:
  • The renter requested to pick up mail on a Monday, the renter should come to the store on Wednesday.

  • By Appointment
  • Select this option if you want more control on your pick up schedule. The renter can set an appointment with you to pick up their mail.

  • Pending Preparation
  • Select this option if you want the renter to know when their mail item is ready to be picked up.

Note: The default for lead time is at least 1 hour but you can set it up to your preferred time based on the suggested data in the pop-up box. Renters can only set up an appointment after the Lead Time you set.

Setting up Mail Pick Up Fees

  • Log in to your Dashboard, select Customers
  • Click on Service Plans, select a plan and click on Pickup tab

Note: You need to select each Service Plan to set up pick up fees individually.

  • Under Pickup tab make sure to turn on Allow Local Pickup
  • Set Monthly Visit Allowance then input the Fee Per Visit. This fee is to be charged per pickup visit regardless of the number of mail items being picked up.

Note: Monthly Visit Allowance allows your renter to use the Mail Pick Up to a certain amount without being charged a fee.

  • To add pick up rule, click the blue button Add Pickup Fee Rule
  • A pop up box will appear, select the Mail Type 
  • Set Monthly Visit Allowance and the Additional Cost Per Item and click the Add button
  • Click Update to apply information in the system

On your Dashboard under Pickups, you will see two sections: Requested and Ready

The Requested section shows the number of pick up requests you have. This is so you can prepare the mail items for the renter’s pick up visit. This is shown to you regardless of your pick up timing settings, and if you have selected a lead time.

The Ready section shows the number of items ready for pickup. This will route you to your action request list of Mail Items Ready For Pick Up. Click on a mail item to view more details, including the Pickup Window and Pickup Expiration.

Note: If you set your Mail Pickup Timing as Pending Preparation, you have to manually let your renter know when their mail items are ready to be picked up. Go to the Requested section from your Dashboard, click a mail item, and click the blue Pickup Ready button to alert the renter. 

We also send an email notification after the renter requested the pick up. The email contains detailed information of the pick up request like the pickup window and your business hours.

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