Consolidated Shipping is a great option for renters who need to forward a few mail items or smaller packages to a different address. It's an efficient and cost-effective way for you to manage forwarding requests and save time. We highly recommend this service for your convenience.

You will see 3 boxes in the Forwarding Section of your Dashboard (NewPending, and Approved) to hold the Consolidated Shipping requests. 

Note: If you see a box called  "Legacy", this section holds forwarding requests from the old format.

Please note that before fulfilling any forwarding requests through Consolidated Shipping, it's important to ensure that your Carrier Services are properly set up based on the services you offer. This will help ensure a smooth and efficient forwarding process for your renters.

How to set up Carrier Services:

  • Log in to your Dashboard click Admin.

  • Select Mail and click on the Carrier Services tab

  • Scroll down and click Manage (A pop up box will appear)

Note: Default carriers will depend on the selected country. To customize

  • Click Scope a drop-down box will appear (Carrier for the United StatesAll Carriers and My Customer Carriers) If you don’t want to offer a certain carrier from the default setting, click Carrier and uncheck it from the list.

    Note: All offered services by (
    DHLFedExUPSUSPS) are already available in the system. If you have a specific Courier that is not listed in the system. You can select My Custom Carriers and contact us to update it in the system.

To start fulfilling new forwarding request:

  • Log in to your Dashboard, under Forwards section click New. It will take you to the Shipment Manager. This is where you can see the mail items to be forwarded.

  • Create Shipment Bundles, just drag and drop the Mail Items to the Shipment Bundle Box

  • Click Set Carrier and Service base on the Service Preference and Carrier Preference the renter had requested

  • Add the Amount and click Submit

Once you are done setting up your shipment bundles. Click Submit for Approval and the renter will be notified.

For renter-approved shipment quotes, it will show under the Approved section from your dashboard.

  • Click Approved, it will take you to the Shipment Manager

  • Click on the mail items and Set Tracking Number.

Just a quick note to let you know that once you've entered the tracking details for a package, you can simply click on the Track Shipment button to be routed to the carrier's website and track the package from there.

  • Click Complete and the renter will be notified. This will go to their Forwarded folder where they can see the details of the shipment including the tracking details

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