Earning statement is a document that shows total money collected from your renters including action request fees, shipping fees and other additional fees for over usage. 

Let’s go through your Earning Statement: 

  • Anytime Mailbox Address and Contact Information - company address and contact information for questions and inquiries.

  • Earning Statement ID - unique number that is assigned to your invoice to identify individual transactions.

  • Date - is the date the statement was released.

  • Revenue Earned - is a quick view of your total earnings.

  • Operator Name and Address - the name of your business and mail center location.

  • Account - is your unique Site ID.

  • Revenue Breakdown - this includes all revenue collected like monthly or annual mailbox fees, open & scan, shredding, forwarding request fees, shipping fees and storage fees

For more details you can look at your renter’s invoice or click the Reports tab in your portal and select Action Request and Fee Summary.

You can also check out this video for more information Anytime Mailbox - Reports 

  • ATMB Management and Merchant Gateway Fees - ATMB charges a 5% service fee – 2.9% for merchant services and 2.1% for billing process management. For more information, check out this article ATMB Merchant Services.

  • Total Revenue Earned - is your total earnings

  • Statement Coverage - the inclusive dates that the Earning Statement covers.

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