This article tells you on what to do if a renter requests to open a mail item and scan its contents.

To start fulfilling open and scan request follow these steps:

  • From the Dashboard, select the Scans button.

  • It will take you to the Action Request page, select the requested mail item to be open, and scan it to your computer.

  • To upload the scanned document select the + icon box or drag and drop the file over the icon.

  • The Handling Fee section is typically not used, as the system will automatically bill the renter for the number of scanned pages based on their Service Plan.

  • You should now see thumbnail(s) for the pages that you have uploaded. You can preview each page by clicking on the thumbnail.

  • Select Completed to mark the Action Request as completed and send the scanned items to the renter's dashboard.

Note: Scanned files can be in JPEG or PDF format.

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