Renters who have not completed the verification process are called unverified renters. They are usually marked with a red triangle when viewing the renter list or you can filter from the Applications tab under Customers from the top menu of your portal. 


When viewing the Renter List

  • Log in to your Dashboard, select Customers from the top menu

  • Under the Renter tab, you'll notice a red triangle next to the Renter ID; hovering your mouse over the triangle icon will show (Incomplete Renter Verification).

When viewing from the Applications tab

  • From the Customers tab, click Applications. 

  • Select ATMB/DIRECT from the filter menu, the status should be New, and then search for the renter's name.

What do you do when you receive mail for an Unverified renter?


We suggest calling the renter and let them know that you received a piece of mail, and they have not completed the verification process. We recommend that you keep the mail item for at least 24 hours before sending it back to the post office.


Inform the renter to log in to their portal and click on the blue Complete Verification button, follow the instructions and suggest having the documents notarized online for faster transaction.



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